Step by Step Process for Company Registration / Formation / Incorporation in Pakistanstep

 Following steps involve in Company Registration in Pakistan when formed through online mode.

 Step 1: Search Company Name Availability:

(for Company Registration in Pakistan)

Search the availability of name of the proposed company for Company Registration in Pakistan. If same name or any identical name already taken, then try other options for new company name. Company Name Search is free and attract no fees.

Step 2: Getting the Company Name Reserved:

(for Company Registration in Pakistan) business_name_reservation_wyoming__33875.1356227701.180.180

If the proposed name of the company is available, then the second step is to apply for company name reservation. For name reservation, go to SECP website create the user login and start the name reservation process. Follow the steps as directed.

The first step in company Registration in Pakistan is to make an application to the registrar of companies for the availability of name. The application can be made both online and in offline mode and normally takes a period of one to two days before confirmation of the name applied for new company registration in Pakistan. Before making an application to the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan for company registration please do not forget to do Company Name Search on the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan website. Once the name is confirmed you can proceed with the process of company registration in Pakistan.

Fee. Deposit applicable fee in selected MCB or UBL bank.

Step 3: Obtaining Digital Signature of Directors:

(for Company Registration in Pakistan)

i).   You already have one login/user ID which will be used for one Director of the proposed Company. For remaining directors create secondary user ids through login into existing user ID in secp eservices for all directors.

ii).  Digital signatures are mandatory for submitting case through e services (online). For digital signature of directors, obtain the form and get it signed by each director (One form for one director). SBC will fill in the rest of NIFT Form and submit the same at NIFT counter at CRO-SECP alongwith following documents;

  1. Attested copies of CNIC of all Directors
  2. Attested copies of Availability of Name Letter issued by SECP.

iii). NIFT will deliver digital signatures details through email. Download the signature at the same day while following the instructions given in that email. If have problem in downloading call at NIFT Help Line.

NIFT Fees. Normal: Rs. 1,500 Per Director, Fast Track (Same Day), Rs. 1,800 Per Director

Step 4: Applying for online Company Incorporation

(for Company Registration in Pakistan)

Company Registration in Pakistan

Company Registration in Pakistan

i). Before starting process of online filling of application for incorporation, prepare a folder with Company Name and  prepare following documents and also convert them into PDF documents;

  • Memorandum of Association
  • Article of Association
  • Please note that there is no need to create Form 1, Form 21 and Form 29 manually, as eservices system will automatically generate these forms when you fills in eservices main form
  • Availability of Name letter issued by SECP
  • CNIC copies of all Directors

Memorandum of Association

Memorandum of Association is the basic document where all the objectives of the company registration are stated e.g. the basic objective of company registration is to engage in the business of general order supplier or trading company or any other business. All the business the company is planning to undertake must be stated in the memorandum in order to get the process of company registration in Pakistan to complete.

 Articles of Association

Articles of Association is the basic document where all the rules of the company to operate are stated e.g. How directors are going to operate, when how General Meetings of the company undergoing the process of company registration in Pakistan is to be conducted etc.

Form 1 (Form One):

Form 1 for company registration is the basically a declaration of one of the directors of the company about to be registered. Form 1 can be downloaded from Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan website. This is another compulsory component of company registration process in Pakistan.

Form 21:

Form 21 is the form whereby the address of company undergoing the process of company registration in Pakistan is notified to the registrar.

Form 29:

Form 29 contains information about the particulars of the directors of the company that is undergoing the process of company registration in Pakistan.

Company Registration in Pakistan

Company Registration in Pakistan by Synergy Business Consulting

Step 4 (ii). Completing Online Incorporation Process:

(for Company Registration in Pakistan)

  • Login at SECP, click on company incorporation
  • Fill the form and provide the given information
  • Attach the MOA, AOA, CNICs of directors, Company Name Reservation (All in PDF)
  • Then click on bank challan and save
  • Click on start process, sign the documents and then submit to SECP (remember to install Java)
  • Click on submitted process, click on bank challan, print and pay at MCB Bank
  • Then follow up with CRO-SECP

Hope the above article helped you regarding knowing steps involved in Company Registration in Pakistan. Do share your thoughts or comments to us.

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